Replacing a panel

An old-fashioned fuse box means…

Many of the older homes found in Southern Ontario have fuse panels instead of circuit breaker panels. If your home uses glass fuses instead of circuit breakers, it might mean that the home also contains old or obsolete wiring that could pose an increased threat of fire hazard or electrical shock. By itself that’s a good reason to upgrade the electrical panel.  But there are other reasons, as well:


Fuses always blow at a bad time and having the right replacement on hand when you need it seems equally troublesome.

With circuit breakers, it’s easy. The breaker automatically cuts the power and limits the risk of fire. Resetting the breaker is as easy as flipping a switch. Too, most older fuse panels were designed to handle a maximum of 60 amps while most circuit breaker panels are designed to handle 100 amps or more. 


You use much more electricity than they did when your house was built. Some homeowners, in an effort to keep fuses from blowing as frequently, may use higher rated fuses - if the fuse box was made to handle 15-amp fuses they might put in  20- or 30-amp fuses, This creates a fire hazard.


Today, some home insurance providers now required a breaker panel instead of an old-fashioned fusebox.

Homes resale value

A properly sized and installed breaker box and electrical service adds to your homes resale value. Most buyers want a breaker box and the existence of a breaker box in an older home indicates that the home has been maintained properly,

CES can provide an inspection and assessment of the current condition of your home’s wiring and provide a recommendation for any required upgrades and improvements.